Weekend movies — “Giant Slayer” so-so, “21 and Over” amusing, “Sweeney” better, “Exorcism” awful

A couple of observations about the year so far in movies. There have been a few not-half-bad ones, but movies that have caught on with audiences and stuck around, that have buzz and staying power? “Identity Thief” is pretty much it. And it’s not very good.

This weekend is another exercise in fair to middling.

“The Sweeney” is fair. Cockney slang, violence, and all that. Reviews reflect that, especially mine. “21 and Over” and “Jack the Giant Slayer” are middling. Again, that’s what the reviews are saying, including mine for “Jack” and for “21 and Over.”

“Stoker” is opening in some markets, and I rather enjoyed its Hitchcockian creepy/kinky touches. Most critics agreed.

“Phantom” is OK for a B movie — 2 stars out of four, watchable, well-enough-acted, derivative and melodramatic. Reviews overall reflect that.

There were people who endorsed “Last Exorcism Part II.” Not the sort of folks I’d care to have a drink with. Peyewwwww.

The documentaries “A Place at the Table” and “Hava Nagila” and “No Place On Earth” are all quite good, not Oscar nomination good, but entertaining and informative and worth your time.

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