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Tonight’s next screening” The Incredible Burt Wonderstone”

The big music first/film promotion second SXSW is underway, but the big films being hyped there are being pitched to critics like myself, seeing them basically at the same time, as they have “talent” traveling to Texas to talk up … Continue reading

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New York theater owners happy the city’s FAT DRINK ban is rejected

A judge has struck down New York’s Nanny State effort to ban supersized sugary soft drinks. And the city’s theater operators are elated. Selling $.25 worth of soda in a $9 cup is a big part of their business model.

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“Trance” — Vincent Cassel makes the best gangsters

This generation’s scariest Frenchman has got to be Vincent “Mesrine/Black Swan” Cassel, who gets another workout on the other side of the law in Danny Boyle’s “Trance.” He’s got to be menacing, scary to James McAvoy, the art auction house … Continue reading

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Critic’s Log — Next Screening, “Starbuck”

Think of this as a big, fat French Canadian hug of a movie. A perpetual screwup (Patrick Huard) is in debt to loan sharks, tells lies by force of habit, can’t do the simplest job (deliveries) as his family’s butcher … Continue reading

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