Weekend Box Office: “The Croods” to Hollywood’s rescue? Will “Spring Breakers” blow up? Does Gerry Butler have a hit in him?

Gerard-Butler-in-Olympus-Has-Fallen-2013-Movie-ImageThis looks to be a pretty big weekend for theatrical box office, with Hollywood rolling out movies that will hit several corners of the audience squarely in their sweet spot.

“The Croods,” the first big kids’ cartoon of the new year, is riding good reviews into theaters, which will help it more than the feeble marketing and branding behind it. To borrow the resumes of the two directors, Fox has “Lilo & Stitch” on its hands (Chris Sanders) and is marketing it like “Space Chimps.”

Box Office Mojo figures the lack of an established brand franchise and middling marketing will work against “The Croods,” and that it will open under $40.

Same with Box Office Guru. This movie should open mid $40s, easily. I would have figured $50+. Pent up demand, kids on break from school, etc. But they’re commenting on the marketing and it isn’t a presold hit. Variety is figuring well into the $40s for this film, so we’ll see.

“Olympus Has Fallen” is “Die Hard in the White House,” with Gerard Butler in the Bruce Willis role. Reviews haven’t been fab, but Box Office Mojo sees “Olympus Has Fallen” doing a robust $19+. And Box Office Guru figures it could hit $22. Variety weighs in, saying it’s tracking into the low-mid $20s.

A Gerard Butler hit? That buys him another three years of bad rom-coms and bloody actioners. He hasn’t had a hit in ages, and hasn’t had a good movie since “Coriolanus,” which nobody saw.

“Admission” is the first misstep after a long run of hits and accolades for that Tina Fey, beloved funnylady of TV, film, award shows and Mark Twain prizes. It was a decent risk — a rom-com with parenting-childhood-college-admissions twists. But Paul Weitz keeps trying to remake “ABout a Boy,” and failing.

Box Office Mojo thinks Tina will pull in over $7. Which seems right. Box office guru thinks she could manage $9.

“Spring Breakers” is opening wide (over 1100 theaters) this weekend, riding some pretty good reviews into theaters.

Box Office Guru forgot it was opening wider. But Box Office Mojo predicts under $6 million for this movie, which isn’t opening on enough screens to blow up, but surely with the buzz it will flirt with $10.

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