Critic’s Log — Next Screening, “Starbuck”

Think of this as a big, fat French Canadian hug of a movie. A perpetual screwup (Patrick Huard) is in debt to loan sharks, tells lies by force of habit, can’t do the simplest job (deliveries) as his family’s butcher business, and then finds out his girlfriend, who is OVER his irresponsible ways, is pregnant. He vows to grow up, learn what it takes to be a parent, and QUICK. How quick? When you find out that the sperm bank you used to hit for paid donations, decades before, has created 533 children from your donations, and that the kids are suing to find out your ID — THAT kind of growing up. Lovely bits about the complicated lives, the mistakes, tragedies and triumphs of these people he dare not tell “You’re my kids” make this a laugh-out loud comedy that’s an emotional roller coaster, as well. Or so the trailer promises. “Starbuck” opens in US theaters March 22.

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