BOX OFFICE: “Endgame” fails to unseat “Force Awakens” 2nd weekend record, “Intruder” is edging “Longshot” and “UglyDolls”

It’s a three hour long movie, and after that epic opening weekend, there was really nowhere to go but down.

So as “Avengers: Endgame” races towards the $2 billion mark globally ($1.78 and counting), let’s not make too big a deal of the fact that unlike the “Star Wars” relaunch, it didn’t leave enough audience for the second weekend to break THAT record, too.

“Force” managed over $149 on its second weekend. “Endgame,” despite the folks who have enough free time to kill ANOTHER three hours and see it again, is in the process of falling off 59-60% on its second weekend, which will leave it in the $146 range.

That’s from, but based on the Friday estimates (from $157 OPENING Friday to $40 million May 3), “Endgame” is going to fall much further short than that. It’s now looking like a $100-120 million second weekend.

That could change with walkups Saturday and Sunday, but right now, no “new” record. It’s still making money at a furious and unprecedented clip. Disney/Marvel has no complaints.

intruder2 is still saying the over-hyped R-rated Seth Rogen is catnip to Charlize Theron comedy “Long Shot” will edge “The Intruder.” But “Intruder” won Thursday night, and that should be enough to get it past the $10.5 million or so audiences are shelling out for “Long Shot.” Too close to call, but I’m calling it — for “Intruder.”

They’re both “fun, bad movies.” A lot of reviewers–not all of them SXSW nerds — didn’t think “Long Shot” was bad, but they’re not as tired of the slovenly troll gets the runway model/Secretary of State into bed formula as I am.

“UglyDolls” had a chance, with a Hulu Series based on a long-established doll line to boost brand identity — and Chinese production money (Alibaba, China’s answer to Amazon). But it’s dull and parents aren’t racing to take their tiny tykes (the only audience for it, really). It won’t clear $10 million unless there’s pent up Saturday demand that nobody is anticipating.

“La Llorona” is closing in on $50 million, “Captain Marvel” is over $420 and “Shazam!” will clear the $135 mark by Sunday night.

Fox’s “Breakthrough” has proven that faith-based films don’t have to be angry to hit. It’ll be over $33 million by midnight Sunday and will be in the $40s by the time the no-budget pic finishes its run.

“Dumbo” has one last weekend in the Top Ten, and with it finishing its run in the $112-118 range, probably counts as a disappointment, if not actually a Tim Burton bomb.

We’ll have to wait until Box Office Mojo weighs in later today with final Friday totals to see if “El Chicano” and its 600 screens cleared the $1.36 million it would take to edge “Dumbo” out of the top ten.

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