Weekend Movies: “Bohemian” conquers all, will Disney take a “Nutcracker” bath and is time running out for Tiffany Haddish?


Reviews for “Bohemian Rhapsody” have been the very definition of “mixed,” with plenty of critics craving a harder-edged R-rated take on Freddie Mercury’s sexual and pharmaceutical misadventures. But heck, it’s trending “fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes now.  For what that’s worth.

Metacritic? Not yet.

As conventional as it sometimes is, I reviewed the generally fun PG-13 movie Fox made and not the more daring take promised when Sacha Baron Cohen and Stephen Frears were involved. As he lived as a not-quite-closeted gay man, don’t LECTURE me that “THAT’s the movie Freddie would have wanted.” We don’t know that.

And the studio’s gamble that letting the band dictate a more upbeat and still gay, still used drugs, still died of AIDS Freddie is paying off. It made more money in US Thursday night previews than either “Mamma Mia” or “A Star is Born.” Presales for the weekend are through the roof.

Deadline.com says it’ll be in “Star is Born” territory — $40 million plus — by midnight Sunday. Box Office Mojo hedges that a bit by saying $38.Box Office Mojo hedges that a bit by saying $38. As it is a fan pleaser (And who doesn’t love Queen?) with generations of moviegoers loving the band, I’d say it’s a $40 million cinch.

Disney spent a lot of money, and spent even more reshooting the shinola show that is “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.” Terrible reviews, and the damned thing won’t clear $20, according to Mojo. I’m guessing that’s low, with it being for kids and showing in 3D on a lot of screens. Who knows what the budget was?

Reviews are just rolling in for the abomination known as “Nobody’s Fool.” It may be the worst Tyler Perry movie ever. No kidding. I’ve liked some of his worth, appreciated his ambition here and there. For the first time, he’s made a movie that feels downright incompetent. Dramatically, comically, structurally, what have you.

But Tiffany Haddish took Paramount’s money and the chance to work with Whoopi Goldberg in her least funny performance ever, and there you go. If it clears $14 million this weekend, they’ll call it a win but Haddish is staring down the barrel of irrelevance with this one. Kevin Hart and “Night School” was bad, but a sure fire hit. This is just a dog that few will show up for on its second weekend. Will there be a crowd on its first?

“Halloween” and “A Star is Born” will make most of the money ($13-15) these screen newcomers leave on the table when all is said and done Sunday night.



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