Holiday movies: “Ranger” takes a pounding, much love for “Despicable”

This Juy 4 sees Disney’s “The Lone Ranger”  taking MASSIVE abuse for its violence, a bloody PG-13 action Western “comedy” with a staggering body count and a serious miscalculation in tone.

I thought Armie and Johnny were fine, but Gore Verbinski may have freed himself from Jerry Bruckheimer’s clutches forever if this thing bombs. As it should.

“Despicable Me 2” is a sunny, silly thing. Pixar’s peeps should be forced to watch it to try and figure out where they went wrong with “Monsters University.” JOKES. Ya need JOKES. LAughs. It’s a kids’ COMEDY. Mostly very good reviews for this one.

“Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me” is earning all good reviews, a comment on the band more than the movie, I feel. The film is overlong and repetitious and doesn’t make the case that they were golly, the greatest cult band ever. Not bad.

“The Way Way Back” is THE coming of age picture of a summer of coming of age comedies. Better, by a smidge, than “The Kings of Summer.” Better than the next film listed below. Not funnier or more original than “The To Do List,” which opens later. But more heartfelt. Very good reviews for this one.

“Stuck in Love” is a coming of age picture that has great characters, a few good scenes and some funny/sweet bits and pieces. It’s just overloaded with characters, whom the first time director loses track of. Middling reviews for this one.

Kevin Hart is just cashing in on how hot his stardom is right now with the SHORT and weak “Let Me Explain” concert film.

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