Next Interview: Got questions for Matthew McConaughey, whose name is “Mud”?


We had a hint of what might come in “Tropic Thunder.” But Matthew McConaughey’s “run” didn’t kick off until “The Lincoln Lawyer.”

Since then, there was “Bernie,” solid work in support of Jack Black, and “Killer Joe,” an under-appreciated performance that could have found an Oscar nomination.

And “Magic Mike,” where he took all his shirt-doffing baggage and made it pay off, another scene-stealing supporting turn that should have delivered an Oscar nomination.

You can’t even hold “The Paperboy” against him, as he was the least embarrassing thing in it.

Now, there’s “Mud,” about a man on the run, the woman he’s running to and the river-wise country boys who give him a helping hand. He’s dangerous, needy, lovelorn and a down home philosopher, to boot. A great part and he’s great in it.

Got questions for Matthew M.? Post them as comments below, please. I have a few in mind, but I could always use the help.

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