Weekend Box Office: Will “Joe” blow up? Is “The Host” toast?

The last weekend of spring break packs in one last blockbuster with hopes of packing them in before they head back to school — college, mostly — since the film we’re talking about is “G.I. Joe: Retaliation.”

Will this 3D actioner blow up? Will it exceed the similarly explosive “Olympus Has Fallen’s” take from last weekend?

Variety thinks that Wednesday night’s $2.2 million midnight show opening predicts a $45 million weekend.

The Box Office Guru is thinking it’ll clear $41 million. Maybe. It opened late Wednesday night, and could have a long, fruitful weekend ($49 by Monday AM, the Guru thinks).

Box Office Mojo figures “G.I. Joe” will do a robust $37 million.

Tyler Perry’s new one doesn’t break formula. Well, Madea isn’t in it. His “OTHER” formula — women in crisis.

Box Office Mojo predicts this will do mid-range Tyler Perry business — $18 million. His “Madea” movies have occasionally hit $30.

Box Office Guru thinks only $16 million for this one.

“The Host” is already suffering from awful reviews. It’s sure to be a post-‘Twilight’ let down.

Box Office Mojo is already raining on “The Host,” figuring it won’t hit $15. The Guru figures it’ll clear $15.

“The Croods,” if the crowd I saw leaving the multiplex last night as I waited to watch “Temptation” is any indication, will do another $25-30 million this weekend.

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