Bad News: Movie Review Intelligence to shut down

In a movie review aggregator world dominated by the Warner Brothers owned Rotten Tomatoes, there are only a couple of worthwhile challengers to the “tomatometer” tilt of whether a movie has earned a consensus of good reviews or bad. It’s a flawed set up, and rather capricious and punitive in the ways it uses your content, so having alternatives is a good thing.

IMDb and Fandango and Movie and other places gather a few reviews to sample the opinion that’s out there. But thorough? That field is small.

There’s Metacritic. And sort of midway between the that and Rotten Tomatoes is Movie Review Intelligence, a site that parses reviews more carefully and weeds out fansite critics and comes up with a “rating” that is pretty close to being on the mark as far as taking a movie’s critical temperature.

Very sad to here that Movie Review Intelligence, which a lot of critics have endorsed, never got the traction of the simple “fresh” or “rotten” RT model, is shutting down.

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