“Veronica Mars” movie, a kick in the pants for Kickstarter?

I never warmed to, and barely even checked out the TV series “Veronica Mars” during its run. With Kristen Bell being the only cast member to truly break out into movies, and not exactly setting the box office or the critical world on fire, it doesn’t seem like something I’ll drop everything to catch up on, now, either.

So I see the news that Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell raising over $2 million through the crowd-funding site Kickstarter for a “Veronica” feature film as a bit of a yawner.

It’s got people up in arms, because basically, this is Kickstarter money for “a Conglomerate.”

Yeah? And? $2 million seed money for a feature film is nothing, these days. It’ll get them started and going. Kickstarter typically is used on much lower budget novice filmmaker projects, albums by starving artists and the like.Short films, including an Oscar winner, can boast of Kickstarter backing.

The headline here is the amount.

As a model for fan-based film production, it’s far more interesting. Pass the hat at any film fan/comic book/gamer convention, and I dare say you could raise money or fresh installments of a beloved TV show, a sequel to a movie or a prized vehicle by a particularly beloved singing or acting star who no longer is box office.

Could Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany and Peter Weir raise enough for another “Master & Commander” movie? No. But “Jonah Hex II,” et al? A new “Serenity/Firefly” movie, or “Buffy” on the big screen? It could happen. If the fans are fanatical enough, that takes the guesswork out of the financing game. Let them underwrite it. Why not?

“Veronica Mars” could, in that way, be the start of something big.

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