Box Office: “Giant Slayer” $28, “21 and Over” — “Last/Lastest Exorcism” under $10

You could tell this weekend was going to be a bust at the movies by the scarcity of traffic reading online reviews of “21 and Over” and “Last Exorcism Part II” and “Jack the Giant Slayer.”

That’s how bad buzz manifests itself. Nobody cares to read reviews, nobody’s been tempted by the subject matter, the titles, the casts of these movies to even consider going. When “Hansel & Gretel” was opening, I had the most weekend traffic I’ve ever had. This weekend, the worst ever on this new blogging platform.

“Jack the Giant Slayer” did a respectable $28 million. That’s 3D ticket inflation at work. It’s doing better than “Hansel & Gretel,” but that cost a fraction of “Jack.”

How this movie, without the most expensive cast in the world, with a story that comes from the public domain, cost $195 million is a study in blunders. Did Warners really want to be in the Bryan Singer business that badly that they agreed to or foist this on him?

I was sure, from the laughs generated by the preview audience, that “21 and Over” would find more than $10 million in ticket goers. Surely this “Hangover” style farce is not passe already? It only managed $9.

“The Last Exorcism Part II” is duller than dull, and when I saw it late Thursday, there were only half a dozen of us in the theater. A really HOT horror title will pack a midnight show Thursday night. In Orlando, at least. It barely cleared $8 million.

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