The Great Wordads Ad-rate Collapse, a WordPress Conspiracy of Silence?


Sorry to park this housekeeping business in midst of all your regularly scheduled movie programming.

But searching the web, I can find no discussions of this massive, unexplained fall-off on the major blog host WordPress’s advertising CPM rates.

Mysteriously, WordPress closed off comments on its own “Wordads” questions/complaints blog. A common gripe with this company is a general unresponsiveness to hard questions and complaints, although I did get quite a bit of help on a technical matter regarding traffic metrics a couple of months back. I don’t have to tell you how denying publishers access to the company for common questions and legitimate gripes looks.

“Talk to the hand!”

And if nobody else is pointing this out, griping about some company policy aimed at “More for us, who simply provide the host, less for you, who do ALL the work,” well let’s put this out there and see who else has thoughts on it. Let Google Search reveal that “I am not alone at seeing this pocket-picking on the part of a host service.”

Other WordPressers, and we are legion, may be experiencing the same dismay I am — massive increase in high-value North American pageviews and traffic, and a 60-70% plummet in remuneration rates, year to year.

Anybody else seeing this and interested in speaking out?

And seriously what…the…FUDGE WordPress?

Are the ads being discounted, despite the quality of eyeballs one produces? Prices go up, even at Walmart and Uber, which happily cut the throats of their workforce to try and gain market share.

What is your explanation for this plummet?

Because what you’re doing is dis-incentivizing hard work and improvements in performance and YOUR OWN AD REACH, and to what end?

A related matter, WordPress used to disperse ad-pay to publishers within 30 days of the end of the month — 20, typically. Now it’s 50 days+. Why? Does WordPress need working people to float it 30 day loans, like some shady banks I’ve dealt with?

This is suspiciously like Google’s high-handed behavior with GoogleAds publishers, which got Google good and sued.

There are alternatives — moving the site to a more responsive perhaps less greedy provider, upgrading the site to allow outside vendors to provide ads and remove WordPress from at least some “temptation” to cheat. I am reluctant to do either of those, but the corner I am being backed into by this cut-rate screwing over is more confining by the day.

Looking for answers, pissed off enough to do something about it. Just saying.

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