Netflixable? “Good Sam” is a sweet little nothing, emphasis on “nothing”


“Good Sam” is a “Pay it Forward” style “feel-good” weeper that lacks only the weeping — and the feeling good — to come off.

Unemotional, mostly uninvolving and seriously underwhelming, it takes a mild-mannered story about an anoynmous good Samaritan and renders it into flavorless mush.

Tirya Sircar stars as Kate Bradley, a third-generation Indian-American TV reporter in NYC, daughter of a state senator, a real go-getter who will grab the camera herself when she’s the only one who can sneak past police lines to get footage of the Big Fire.

That recklessness alarms the boss (Mark Camacho), who assigns her to the puff piece beat. And that’s where she’s tipped into this “feel good story.” SOMEbody is giving New Yorkers in need bags of $100,000.

The first lady, a good Catholic, wants “everyone to know miracles happen!”

Another wants to share her story, only “If you bring a camera, I won’t open the door.”

FYI, TV reporters and reporters-in-general HATE that.

The donations get publicized, the “good people” who receive the cash start paying it forward.

“It’s like Good Sam’s generosity is contagious!”

But who IS he? Fakers show up, cynical copycats.

Kate cannot let this go, even as she gets the attention of a serious-minded fireman (Chad O’Connell) and a stiff politico (Marco Grazzini) from her senator-father’s world.

Long review short here, “Good Sam” doesn’t make the mystery compelling enough to stick with the picture. And yeah, it’s obvious.

And it doesn’t make the romance romantic, the “Who WILL she end up with?” part. Yeah, that’s obvious, too.

Bland performances of bland characters in a bland story. Not so “Good,” this “Good Sam.”


MPAA Rating: TV-PG

Cast: Tiya Sircar, Chad Connell, Mark Camacho, Marco Grazzini

Credits: Directed by Kate Melville, script by Dete MeserveTeena Booth, based on a Dete Merserve novel. A Netflix release.

Running time: 1:30

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