Next screening? “RICHARD JEWELL”

I raised an eyebrow when this was announced as an election year-eve release from Clint Eastwood.

First of all, Great Grandpa had de facto retired. But like Cher, he cannot seem to leave the limelight, even if his work has obviously frayed.

Then there was the message and the timing of a movie that would cast the FBI and the press in an awful light.

And what both did to hapless but heroic Richard Jewell was awful, by any measure.

But Clint, known for arguing with a chair on national TV and who made sure to play a Secret Service agent who called a womanizing murderous Commander in Chief “a dirty whore” in a movie during the Clinton years, has been seriously wingnutty the past 25 years. So what’s his aim, here?

The dust-up over Olivia Wilde’s dated, sexist, degrading and apparently inaccurate character portrayal isn’t helping the pre release buzz.

But the shrinking populace of angry white septugenarians always show up for Clint, so let’s see what he’s come up with.

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