BOX OFFICE: “John Wick” shoots $57, “Dog’s Journey” $8, “The Sun is also a Star” collapses to $2.6


The “actual” box office take isn’t finalized until Monday early afternoon.

But right now, that sequel to the “cult hit” “John Wick,” which brought Keanu back from the indie film dead, is said to have cleared $57 million.

A proven brand, an actor will to promote the hell out of the picture, and is generally charming as he does, and good reviews drove this “Wick Chapter 3” into blockbuster territory.

An R-rated action pic opening that big? And not from a cash-flush “major” studio?

Let us celebrate with Keanu this weekend, then. Not a great film, necessarily, but a fun “video game” shoot-em-up, in any event. Good villains, great Halle Berry and Anjelica Huston turns giving it an Oscar burnish.

“A Dog’s Journey” is also an established brand, also the third movie in a loosely connected series about dogs, the role they play in our lives and their afterlife, this one is overexposed. An $8 million opening.

Maybe we leave teen romances to Netflix though, right? “The Sun is Also a Star” is in that semi-doomed “Fault in Our Stars” mold — with a hint of Richard Linklater’s “Before Sunrise” to it.

Middling stars, virtually no money or effort put into the supporting cast, a serious bust — $2.6 million won’t cover anything — casting, location shooting or catering. Jeez. Sorry to see this.

It’s not terrible, and it’ll find its audience…on Netflix.

“Avengers: Endgame” passed “Avatar,” #2 box office smash of all time, “Pikachu” fell off steeply but not heart-stoppingly so.



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