The Best Films of 2013 — so far


The fabulous films of fall are just starting previews, and soon we’ll be mercifully free of that annual late summer swoon of slop (“Riddick,””Two Guns,” “The Family” et al).

So where do we stand as a tentative best of the year list goes? Have we seen any Oscar contenders from spring and summer? Because I know I’ve seen a few these past two weeks.

Here’s where I place things at the moment.

“12 Years a Slave”

“Fruitvale Station”


“The Spectacular Now”


“Blue Caprice”

Anything I’m leaving out?

I don’t think “Blue Jasmine”, “The Butler” or “42” will cut it on my list. But they could figure in the Oscar mix. The first has a killer Cate turn, the latter two have good performances and $100 million box office takes to give them awards season legs. For that matter, Michael Shannon’s “Iceman” turn makes that movie worth keeping in a tentative top ten. For now. Will Oscar remember him, too?

A weak year for animation, and I can’t tell if any of the year’s remaining cartoons will improve on a weak summer. None of the documentaries I’ve seen have been slam dunks, either.

Will “Dallas Buyers’ Club,” “The Monuments Men” and “Gravity” crack through? We might get to ten best picture nominees this year, but will there really be “ten best” worth arguing over at year’s end?

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