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Movie Preview: “Neighbors”

Sort of a remake of the Belushi/Aykroyd adaptation in the ’80s. With Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne dealing with a hellish fraternity moving in next door, led by Zac Efron. Red Band, filthy stuff kids.

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Movie Review: “Adore”

The acronym “BFF” was new to the world when Nobel Prize-winner Doris Lessing’s novella “The Grandmothers” was written. But she touched on the rewards, temptations and consequences of that sort of all-consuming, enduring female friendship that lasts from childhood through … Continue reading

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Today’s Screening: “Thanks for Sharing”

Gwyneth P. and Mark Ruffalo and Pink and Josh Gad in a romantic comedy built around the tragic illness or convenient excuse (depending on where you fall in the debate) of sex addiction. “Thanks for Sharing” — love the title … Continue reading

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