Natalie Dormer of “The Tudors,” “Captain America” and “Rush” — Typecast?

ImageThe moment Natalie Dormer sashays onto a screen, big screen or small, my first thought it is — “Oh, it’s Her Hotness from the ‘Henry the Eighth’ TV series.”

My second thought is “When will she strip?”

And the third thought is, “So how explicit will her sex scene be this time?”


Something about Dormer, a plainly talented actress who has yet to break through, just screams “sex” to filmmakers casting supporting parts in their movies. Dormer never gets the boy. He gets her, and then moves on.

Is she in a trap? Watching “Rush” last night, I began to think so. She’s in it early, she is a hotter-than-hot nurse, and then she exits. Early.

Would she even be considered for a larger role, say Olivia Wilde’s part in the film? They have similar chops and reputations. They’re equally beautiful. Wilde has also done her share of hot and heavy stuff, but she’s branched out with indie comedies and the like.

Dormer? She hasn’t gotten that sort of break, hasn’t turned up in a promising indie comedy that broke out. And maybe she’s not holding out for roles that don’t cash in on her man-eater eyes and other proven attributes.

I’m not complaining, but I’ll bet she is. Or she should be.

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1 Response to Natalie Dormer of “The Tudors,” “Captain America” and “Rush” — Typecast?

  1. I see your point. I’ve never seen her before, but she was so captivating! Wilde did a good job. Maybe next time Nat could be the Bond girl – or at least the girl in the opening sequence.
    (OK – I’ve seen a few Tudors, and Elementary. So I guess I’ve never seen her this HOT!)

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