The Pixar “One Universe Theory” explained

ImageHere’s a fun Mashable mash-up that connects Pixar’s entire collection of pictures into one big “Marvel-style” universe, one odd continuum, where images of Sully the Monster turn up carved into a wooden support trunk in a witch’s house in “Brave,” where the batteries that power Buzz Lightyear are made by the gigantic B & L corporation that eventually runs and ruins the world in “Wall-E.”
Machines take over, “Cars” live on their own.

Some of this running gag business is like Warners animators putting “Acme” products in everything from Road Runner cartoons to Elmer/Daffy/Bugs sketches.

Inside jokes by the animators? Sure. Especially that sneaky Sully cookie in “Brave.”

Pixar saving cash by recycling rendered images of a travel trailer from “Bug’s Life” to “Monsters, Inc.”? Maybe. More likely, actually.


It does nothing to explain the stumbling scripts that have passed through Pixar since “Ratatouille”, the incessant, cynical sequeling of good films (“Toy Story”) and bad (“Cars”).

But a fun, obsessive read.  Nicely done, Jon Negroni. Now, try to get out more.

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