Weekend Box Office: “Star Trek” has $27 million Friday, on pace for $100 opening

When you roll your film out on IMAX screens by the hundreds Wednesday night, your box office take is going to look inflated. When you add late Thursday non-IMAX shows to it, all the more.

That $13-14 million head start puts “Star Trek Into Darkness” within range of its predicted $100 million 4 (4.5) day opening “weekend.” Because the film added another $27 million or so in sales Friday. It’s over $40 as of Saturday AM.

And Deadline.com reports that it did over $47 million overseas.

That’s better than “Trek I,” which managed $79 on its opening weekend. But it wasn’t in 3D, and it wasn’t playing on hundreds of IMAX screens, and it didn’t have a four-day opening.

Looked at that way, the film is selling fewer tickets on its opening weekend. And with “Fast & Furious 6” opening May 24, it will only win one weekend box office race. It’ll be off filmgoers’ radar sooner.

Reviews will prop it up for a bit. But this summer is so front-loaded with franchise pictures and potential blockbusters that you have to wonder if there’ll be any money left by the time “Man of Steel” opens in a month.

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  1. doombuggy says:

    Good point. We’re pretty saturated with electronic entertainment.

    Also, if studios want multiple blockbusters, we need economic growth and a wealthy populace. But public policy is going in the other direction.

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