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Movie Preview: “Wolverine,” the best trailer yet

I’m still not sold that they have anywhere to take this character. But the distant (WWII) past, derived from a thread the comic books tugged at years ago, is mildly intriguing. This is the most impressive, action-packed and brooding trailer … Continue reading

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Movie Preview: “Man of Steel” gives us the new General Zod

Nobody adores the great Michael Shannon more than me. But this monologue “message to Earth” trailer lacks that wicked English accent I so loved in Terrence Stamp’s Zod. He’s plenty scary, but the exotic “otherness” of Zod calls for a … Continue reading

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“The God of Driving” heads for the big screen

Amy Fine Collins’ book “The God of Driving,” about her fear of taking the wheel and the “mysterious” driving instructor who gets her past that and captivates her in other ways, will be a Sue Kramer film, Variety reports. Variety … Continue reading

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Today’s screening: “The Way Way Back”

This coming of age comedy is about a lonesome lad (Liam James) who learns about life and girls from irreverent father figure Sam Rockwell (and who wouldn’t?) while spending the summer with his mom (Toni Collette) at her boyfriend’s (Steve … Continue reading

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