Box Office: Will “Star Trek” be $100 million richer by Monday?

trekThere’s quite a bit of anticipation. Not as much as “Iron Man 3,” apparently, but a bit.

The early overseas box office is impressive. Not as impressive a “Iron Man 3,” but maybe that’s due to the difference in the number of markets it opened in.

Reviews are even better than “Iron Man 3,” although “Iron Man’s” numbers dropped with added reviews over its first weekend. “Trek” may track lower as more critics weigh in. I’m seeing a few lukewarm endorsements, like mine. It’s got script issues, tone issues and some are saying casting issues. It’s no “Wrath of Khan,” that’s for sure.

But by this time Monday AM, “Star Trek Into Darkness” will have taken advantage of its four day (plus late night Wednesday) opening and earned $100 million.

According to Box Office Mojo.

And Variety agrees. That’s where the pre-sales and audience interest levels are tracking. The first film had a $75 million opening weekend, on its way to $257 million at the domestic box office. This one could easily top that, though the competition is tougher and my feeling is that it won’t have legs like that one. “Fast and Furious 6” opens next week, I’ve seen it and my sense is that it will swamp “Trek’s” second week — a $100-125 million opening.

“Gatsby” and “Iron Man” are neck and neck in the daily box office, and The Great American Novel has a slim chance of pulling ahead of the Great American Comic Book this weekend. Surely “Trek” will suck up all the fanboy money.

“42” is on a pace to come close to $100 million. I still can’t believe “Peeples” bombed. Tyler Perry’s audience didn’t take to Craig Robinson, at all. Must not be “Office” fans.

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