Weekend reviews: Good notices for “Evil Dead,” “Trance” and “Jurassic 3D”

“Evil Dead” is earning the best horror film notices since “Mama,” maybe since “Insidious.” Not that it’s in their league, or that of the Sam Raimi film it is based on.

Raimi’s film was his debut, with the Coen Brothers involved as fellow filmmaker wannabes. Bruce Campbell was introduced to the world. Yeah, it was scary, as is this remake. But it had that bizarre Raimi horror humor about it, something he realized after it was done and relied on more heavily for “Evil Dead 2.”

Steve Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park” endures its conversion to 3D well enough. It still has corny script moments and kid in jeopardy plot lines and digital dinosaurs. But it works. Most reviews for the original, and the conversion, are pretty good. Not one of his very best.

“Trance,” Danny Boyle’s latest, is not one of his very best either. But it still gives you a lot to chew on, some great acting (and some not up to snuff), packaging hypnotism into a heist picture — an art heist — is inspired.

“The Company You Keep” goes into limited release, and it’s very close to form for Robert Redford — well-cast, beautifully acted. Shia holds his own with some serious cinema heavyweights. I got hung up on all this “30 years ago” radicalism, which when we’re dealing with late 60s-mid 70s actors in several of the roles, and the fact that this history was 40 years ago, just doesn’t compute.

“The Brass Teapot,” a dark little parable that I liked more than most, opens in select cities, too. Love that Juno Temple, because that girl — who realizes this magical teapot gives out cash whenever somebody gets hurt, and thus starts injuring herself and her husband — is OUT there.

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