Box Office: Will “Oz” be wonderful, is “Dead Man” down and out?

Image“Oz, the Great and Powerful,” is opening in 3D, on almost 4,000 screens. And it has audience buzz, buzz quite separate from generally indifferent reviews (it’s better than the Rotten Tomatoes average suggests).

That could add up to $80-85 million, Variety  suggests.

Or just $72 million or so, offers the Box Office Guru.

Box Office Mojo figures $92 million+, and a robust opening overseas.

Variety also suggests that Disney is already planning an “Oz” sequel.

“Dead Man Down,” the latest misstep by Colin Farrell and his mis-managers, will be lucky to clear $5.

“Emperor” is only opening in about 260 locations. If it does $1 million, they’ll call that a win.

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