AMC Faces Bankruptcy, dissolution


A huge chain that grew and grew and had no plan for facing the unfaceable.

Or might bankruptcy be a dodge to get out of leases, etc? As happened the LAST time North America shed thousands of theaters, back in 2000?

I would not put it past AMC.

This long shutdown — even if they’re not paying salaries — is going to cripple virtually every cinema chain. This one is particularly vulnerable.

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1 Response to AMC Faces Bankruptcy, dissolution

  1. Dane Bramage says:

    If AMC and other theater chains really want to bring people back, then do what I’ve been suggesting for years now: HIRE USHERS to keep people from using their damn phones during the movie and to just shut the hell up in general. Up until about 10 years ago, I would spend an average of $60.00 a month at movie theaters. Think of other people that would spend double or triple that amount (families, repeat viewers) and how much theaters have been losing over the past several years when people like myself and the others I mentioned have simply stopped attending theaters.
    If the owners would just change a few things and enforce ZERO tolerance rules for cellphones and inappropriate behavior and loudness/rudeness, I’d come back immediately.

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