BOX OFFICE: “Bad Boys” still have it, “Dolittle” is dead already


Sony was lowballing its expectations for “Bad Boys for Life,” counting on a $38 million opening weekend.

Variety was underguessing. Box Office Mojo, all of them/us.

That damned thing blew the f-up last night (just getting in the spirit of things) with a whopping $6.3 million in “previews,” which started at 4pm Thursday.

That’s huge, “American Sniper” huge — according to

Granted, “Sniper” had fewer showings (I recall its previews starting at 7). But now one and all are predicting $55 million+ for this franchise sequel. Dayem.

Give the people what they want, an old fashioned, glib about blood and violence 90s style action action comedy with two familiar characters and people will show up.

Let’s see how that plays out. A four-day weekend leaves lots of time for popping champagne corks at Sony/Columbia.

Being a kids movie during the school year, “Dolittle” didn’t get the sort of Thursday night bounce “Bad Boys” did. It didn’t reach $1 million.

The telling day is always Saturday, but toxic reviews won’t help and parents would have to be deaf and blind not to have heard how joyless and flat this debacle is. I will be surprised if it hits its lowballed $24 million estimate. But maybe.

I hope Downey bought an island or something with all that Universal money he got for it. The picture cost $175 million. Hearts and prayers, Universal.

“1917” is the strongest holdover title and should be in the top three this weekend, maybe the top two if “Dolittle” dies a quick death.

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