BOX OFFICE: ‘Bad Boys For Life’ set for big opening, “Dolittle” will do less

Opening weekend projections for the third “Bad Boys” film are ranging from $38 to as high as $48 million.

Not bad for a franchise whose last outing was 17 years ago.

I saw it last night and while I didn’t care for it, it certainly played with the audience I caught it with.

Reviews were more forgiving on Rottentomatoes than on Metacritic.

Previews begin at 4 for both new releases.

This weekend’s #2 film –make your own “Doo” and “#2” jokes as I am too much of an adult to manage that for you — is “Dolittle,” riding savage reviews to a $20-$27 million opening.

That won’t get it anywhere near breaking even, as it allegedly cost $175 million. Perhaps Robert Downey Jr. will aim higher next time.

Those two pictures will own the box office as “Star Wars” and “Jumanji” shed screens and drop out of the $teens. Finally.

Lots of Oscar contenders are returning to those vacated screens — “JoKo Rabbit,” “Once Upon a Time” and Ford v Ferrari” are addings hundreds of screens each to cash in on their Oscar cachet.

Will “Like a Boss” hold it’s audience, the only comedy of its type in cinemas?

Let’s see.

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