Netflixable? No, I don’t know what the title “Expo” means either


Few movies are as instantly-awful as “Expo,” a thriller your average viewer will be too discerning to not switch off mere moments past the credits.

In a world of A, B and C-thrillers, here’s a D-or-worse one — ineptly scripted, badly acted, violent and stupid in the laziest ways.

It’s the sort of picture where the hero (Derek Davenport), a car service driver being questioned about the disappearance of a teenage violinist he’s supposed to have picked up, asks to be either charged or released by the cops.

And the police detective (Michael C. Alvarez) says “You’re free to go” followed by “We’re not DONE here.” Which is it, Skippy?

A once-homeless and traumatized veteran tries to hold a job and keep his high-maintenance younger sister (Amelia Haberman) happy, which this child kidnapping for the purpose of sex-trafficking is about to interrupt.  She was the reason he was late picking up the girl who was grabbed to be auctioned off on “The Dark Web” by a geezer confident enough of his anonymity that he appears on camera to advertise his wares.

There’s nothing for it but for the PTSD vet to hit the gym, collect his gear, go out there and find the missing girl and clear his name.

He’ll hit up his old Army buddies, some of whom are into drugs, pimping, etc., and find out where in suburban Phoenix this child is being held.

His girlfriend (Shepsut Wilson) gives him his bullet-proof vest, and says “Be careful.”

Writer-director Joseph Mbah appears to be ignorant of combat protocols, legal and police procedures, and that’s just the stuff on the surface. What he doesn’t know about PTSD, child trafficking and the rest suggest he is the worst possible choice to make a movie about ANY of these subjects.

The present day scenes aren’t as bad as the combat flashbacks (Shooting a wounded comrade to keep him from being captured?). But none of this is worth a damn. None of it.


MPAA Rating: TV-MA, graphic violence and lots of it, child sex trafficking subject matter

Cast:  Derek Davenport, Amelia Haberman, Shepsut Wilson

Credits: Written and directed by Joseph Mbah. A Green Apple/Netflix release.

Running time: 1:20

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