BOX OFFICE: “Grudge” struggles over $11, “Jumanji” clears another $26–“Skywalker” $34.5

The Good news? “Little Women” managed another $13.5 million. “Uncut Gems” collected nearly $8.

Big bloated “Jumanji” added another $26, losing only 25% of it’s take from last weekend.

The “last” “Star Wars” movie added another $34.5 million.

“Knives Out” added another $9 million, a less than 10%drop, week to week.

“Bombshell” took in somewhat less.

“Cats” enjoyed it’s last weekend in the top ten, taking in $2.3 million.

“The Grudge” was made on the super cheap — lots of good actors, few effects, a $10M budget, “no doubt the studio was hoping for more than one-and-done with their horror reboot,” per Exhibitor Relations.

It only earned $11.3 million, low forba horror franchise, even a long dormant one.

“Like Paramount’s RINGS remake before it…this is a dead end.”

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