BOX OFFICE: Will “The Grudge” summon over $10? Will “Skywalker” fade faster, or slower? “Little Women” cash in Big

box2 is saying that “The Grudge,” the lone wide release on this first weekend of 2020, should pull in $9 million, but could reach the $teens.

Box Office Mojo seems to agree,as this early Jan. horror opening thing generally/historically seems to pay off.


It’s a reboot of the franchise that gave Sarah Michelle Gellar a movie career way back at the turn of the millennium. Reviews have been terrible, mine included.The director had a very good cast, but it is older-skewing. And he made rather a hash of the story and in fright-delivery terms. I saw it opening night with a one-third full house in a suburban multiplex, and word of mouth could be weak. It earned a $1.8 million Thursday night.

It’ll be in a battle with the fading “Frozen 2” and the rising “Little Women” — both projected to clear $12 million or so — for third, fourth and fifth places.

“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” will own the weekend, and probably next weekend as well. How long this desultory finalereigns will depend on who is right in their projections. Deadline is saying low $40s over three days, Box Office Mojo betting its more like $34, with others projecting somewhere in between.

“Jumanji: The Next Level” seems likely to spend its last weekend over $20 million, a second place finish.

“Cats” is losing screens already and this may be its last weekend in the top ten.

“Bombshell,” “Spies in Disguise” and “Uncut Gems” are sticking around, earning in the $5-8 range. “Richard Jewell” is done.

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