IMDB takes over Box Office Mojo?

The best one-stop-shopping for all your box office info just got swallowed by the authoritative website for cast, crew, credits, etc.

And Box Office Mojo as part of “IMDB Pro,” looks slicker, I will say that for it.

The long-established BO Mojo uses the same data, reported by the studios, on film box office performance.

And every weekend, Box Office Mojo, Variety, and others speculate — based on studio marketing tracking numbers tips, web traffic to see movie trailers, and other facts, and HUNCHES, to guess what the top movie will be and how much the top ten films will earn, week to week.

It’s not an exact science, but it’s rare that a film seriously over or underperforms expectations. “Joker” was a bigger hit than anybody expected, “Maleficent 2” was not as big, for example.

Curious to see if most of BO Mojo’s data ends up behind an IMDB pay wall. That site links to Metacritic reviews (Thanks for that), and puts a lot of effort into video (meh) movie junket interviews.

Everybody’s looking for new revenue streams, and evolving is smart. And as I say, the slickness of the new presentation and design works.


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