WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: “Maleficent” underperforms, “Zombieland” overperforms,”Hustlers” crosses $100 million


Disney’s “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” genocidal war movie masquerading as a kids’ fairytale had been predicted to clear $42 million on its opening weekend. That ain’t happening. A $35.5 million first weekend will be enough for it to claim a win, but it won’t sit at the top long.

Another sequel — “Terminator: Dark Fate” — is coming. Soon.

And “Joker” is still making $30 million a weekend. Or it will this weekend.

A big Thursday night and solid Friday gave “Zombieland: Double Tap” a boost towards a $26-27 million opening weekend. Not bad for a middling movie that’s a sequel ten years removed from its original October Surprise.

Pre-weekend projections suggested the aged, no longer up and coming cast and long dormant title meant a $20-23 million opening was the upper end of what Sony could expect from the zombie killing comedy. I still say it’ll do all its business opening weekend. Not strong enough for word of mouth to keep it around.

“The Addams Family” is losing audience to the “Maleficent” steamroller, and won’t clear $14 million on its second week.

“Gemini Man” has fallen off a table.

“Hustlers” has been the break-out of the fall for STX, a $100 million (and counting) strippers rob Wall Street winner.

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