China is not happy with Tarantino’s version of Bruce Lee

bruce3That’s being given as the reason why the summer blockbuster was pulled from China’s release slate for next weekend.

Can’t understand why the Maoist Kingdom would be bothered by depicting an early Hollywood Chinese hero as a poseur of the Summer’s Eve variety.

Apparently, the undemocratic, high-handed totalitarian state wanted Quentin Tarrantino to cut the Bruce Lee abuse from his movie.

He said no. Lebron James probably has an opinion on that. 

Like any longtime Hollywood film fan, I’ve noticed the American film industry’s eagerness to pander to the Chinese market in everything from “Great Wall” projects starring Matt Damon, “Meg” shark films with a big Chinese presence, to Obligatory Chinese Casting add-ons in virtually every franchise or action film (“Gemini Man” to “Rogue One”) coming out.

Sometimes, it pays off. Other times, it’s like “Who is Hollywood kidding with this tokenism?”

But this? This is just funny all the way around. I wrote last summer that I thought QT was out of line, or at least out of left field, in making the Real Bruce a short douche.


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