Next Screening? “Anna,” whose director allegedly drugged and raped somebody

Why wasn’t “Anna” shelved?

Luc Besson, the great French action auteur, has long had one of those creepy whispered-about reps.

He was married to Milla Jovovich for a bit, often built his thrillers around barely-age-of-consent actresses (“Leon: The Professional” sexualized a tweenage Natalie Portman).

And he was accused of this crime right after it allegedly happened, by a model/actress on the shoot of drugging and raping her during production.

Love the LA Times headline about all this, focusing on its cost to the production. The film is “stuck in #MeToo limbo.” Golly. “Company town” and all that, innocent until proven guilty, etc. But heck, it’s not something you’d think anybody would accuse a filmmaker of (Sand Van Roy appears to have been cut out of the film) without cause.

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