BOX OFFICE: “Dark Phoenix” doth not rise, “Secret Life of Pets”$47, “Godzilla” drowns, “Rocketman” won’t be here a “long long time”


It’s always interesting perusing the deep chart that Box Office Mojo updates daily, to see who’s making a mark and who isn’t being allowed to.

“Dark Phoenix” seemed doomed from the start, a movie made in the middle of Disney’s takeover of Fox, a Marvel orphan that the Mouse didn’t want to succeed, a troubled production all up and down the line.

Thus, this film came out on well under the usual “blockbuster” tally of screens — some 800 less than “Secret Life of Pets 2.”

It’s a middling movie, at best — lots of bad reviews. Pointless and repetitive, in any event.

And it bombed –a $200 million gamble that will have to make most of its money overseas as it opened in the $33 million range in North America.

Adios X Men. For now.

“Secret Life of Pets 2” did $47, probably enough to guarantee a third movie in that franchise. Yawn.

“Aladdin” is doing a far better job of holding audience than any other recent film, even “John Wick 3.” Another $24.5, despite the fact it lost 6-700 screens.

“Godzilla King of Monsters” dropped 67%+, to $15 million. It will shed a LOT of screens, starting next week.

“Rocketman” fell off a more respectable 42%, and earned $14. It’s already over $50, but by Friday, it too will shed screens.

The best per-screen averages of the weekend were two LARGEST CITY ONLY releases — “Late Night” and “The Last Black Man in San Francisco,” over $60,000 for the former, $32 for the latter.






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