BOX OFFICE: “Secret Life of Pets” pounds “Dark Phoenix,” “”Godzilla” and “Rocketman” plunge

Saturday is always the biggest day of the week for kiddie animated movies, so today will make or break it. But a tepid Thursday and and robust Friday point to “Secret Life of Pets 2” hitting the low end of opening weekend expectations — about $50 million, maybe a little more.

The mixed reviews aren’t helping, but this is a franchise aimed at younger children so that’s a wash.

A slightly better Thursday night and unspectacular Friday point toward “X Men: Dark Phoenix” ending that franchise with the worst performance of any “X Men” movie, going back decades. It won’t hit $40, won’t come close. $36 or so, is saying.

The second weekend turnout of last weekend’s hits is proving disastrous.

“Godzilla” and “Rocketman” have fallen off in the 70% range. What do we call a second weekend that drops 70%?

That’s the Tyler Perry Movie Plunge, named for the filmmaker whose movies most often lose the battle of word of mouth and die the second weekend.

“Rocketman” will be fine, but it is no “Bohemian Rhapsody.” It won’t have legs and any Oscar talk seems foolish. Dead by mid June does not an Oscar winner make

Freddie Mercury tragically died not terribly long after Queen’s final triumph at Live Aid. Elton survived and his music faded and his live shows took on an endless “Cher’s 25th Farewell Tour” air. He storms off stages, and the music hasn’t aged the way classic rock Queen’s has. Just my theories.

“Aladdin” is still making bank, so expect Disney to keep remaking classic cartoon musicals, middling films or not. Another $25 million for the Arabian boy and his genie.

“Ma” is falling off steeply and won’t be around come July.

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