Tabloids go after Daniel Craig with “trouble on the James Bond set” stories

craig.jpgNot sure how much credence to lend to the stories in The Sun and The New York Post (linked below) about what a “pain in the arse” Daniel Craig is being about having to do one last James Bond film, when he assured us years ago that he was done after “Spectre.”

The stories remind one of the Craig bashing that emerged when he first took on the role, that he “cannot drive a stick shift” and the like (A “blonde” James Bond?) that came out during the filming of “Casino Royale.”

A lot of it was crap, then. One suspects some of it is crap now.

He is supposedly getting $66 million to do one last film, “Bond 25.”

After Danny Boyle’s script was abandoned and he left the project, they have no finished script and Cary Fukunaga directing. He did “Sin Nombre” and “Beasts of No Nation,” and got a screenwriter credit for adapting Steven King’s “It.”

No, he’s no Danny Boyle. Yet.

Craig supposedly has his own chef and personal physio therapist on the shoot (three weeks in Jamaica, Ian Fleming’s old stomping grounds, then on to London and elsewhere). These are all Travolta level demands perhaps made by a guy who was hoping Ms. Broccoli would finally give up and let him go. She did not.

Of course, every Bond actor gets hurt, so that last line item isn’t unreasonable. Even the Bonds who relied heavily on stunt men broke this or twisted that.

They’re shooting scenes in Jamaica with Jeffrey Wright, back as CIA agent Felix Letter. “Bond Girls” have been profiled.

But thanks to all the negative press, the bar has been lowered for expectations for the April 2020 untitled “Licensed Renewed” take on a retired agent brought back in. Smells like “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” to me. In every way.

And truthfully, even that Bond wasn’t bad.


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