BOX OFFICE: “Grinch” clears $67, “Spider’s Web” and “Overlord” bomb

grinch4Some good analysis/speculation here from on how Universal was able to get the word out on various platforms for “The Grinch.”

It leaves out the obvious, that generations have been aware of and connected to the character since childhood, starting with the book, utterly supplanted by the 1960s TV special, magnified by the 2000 Jim Carrey comedy.

But if marketing wants the credit for using a reliable brand, let’em have it. “The Grinch” is over $67 million for this, its opening weekend. A certified hit, and a big one. Not a great movie. Audiences, which were interested, inclined to love it and paid good money to see it, are only giving it a B Cinemascore. Audiences give everything “A” or “A+.” The dears.

“Overlord” was supposed to do $11-14 million and it will not even reach $10 million. Overpraised by fanboy critics, a middling mash-up script and low-heat cast and direction that leans heavily on dazzling digital effects and explosions recreating D-Day from the air, it’s not all that. And nobody is going to see it.

“The Girl in the Spider’s Web” has Claire Foy, and little else going for it. They’ve watered down the character (not her “queerness,” as some have suggested) and saddled her with a sloppy, chase-happy story that brings out the mother in Lisbeth Salander. It won’t achieve a $9 million opening and looks like a certified Sony bomb.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” experienced a 44% drop off from its opening weekend, $28-29 million. Not bad. It will clear $100 million, US, either tonight or by Monday.

And “The Hate U Give,” one of the best films currently in theaters, enjoys one last weekend in the Top 10, clearing the $26 million mark, over $30 by next weekend, when it will lose screens and fade away unless awards’ season revives it.


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