Preview, Clint Eastwood is “The Mule”

“This is the last one,” Clint Eastwood’s character says in “The Mule,” a movie he directed and stars in, perhaps the last time he will do that for his beloved Warner Brothers.

And damned if this isn’t the most touching trailer to a Clint movie in ages — even more moist-eyed than the ones cut for “Million Dollar Baby.”

He plays an old man using his age as a cover for smuggling drugs — big paydays, huge risks, but maybe not so for a man who regards his life as a waste and essentially over. It’s an elegy to old age, “last rides,” crime and those chasing the criminal.

Oscar winner Dianne Weist, Bradley Cooper, Michael Peña, Lawrence Fishburne, Tessa Farmiga and Alison Eastwood are also in the cast.

It’s a holiday release, according to IMDb, but as the trailer says “Next Year,” it seems headed for a limited Oscar-qualifying run in late Dec. with wider “American Sniper” sized release coming in January.


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