Box Office: “Insidous: Chapter 2” comes close to the record


It’s the best live action opening in September. Ever. A dead heat in the race to have the year’s best horror opening. And “Insidious: Chapter 2,” is just the latest low-budget success from Mr. “Paranormal Activity,” Oren Peli. He’s a producer, the guys who made a mint off the “Saw” franchise wrote and directed it — James Wan and Leigh Whannel.

Did Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson, the stars, take deferred salary on this $5 million film? I hope so. They may get to cash in, too.

“Chapter 2” did over $20 million on Friday and cooled off a bit Saturday — word of mouth, maybe, “The Big Game” and “The Big Fight” may have sucked away audience. But $43 million is nothing to sneeze at.

“The Family” did a respectable $14.5, low respectable. This TV counter-programmed “Analyze This” on the boob tube last night, which was how DeNiro needed to play this guy and how Luc Besson needed to focus the film’s violence — mobsters die, “civilians,” even rude French ones, are threatened, slapped around maybe. Not beaten to death. Can’t have pleased audiences and it certainly didn’t do anything for the more discerning class of critics.

“The Butler” came very close to finally clearing $100 million. It’ll reach that by mid-week”Riddick” lost two thirds of its opening weekend audience. That happens to weak sequels.

“This is the End,” the all-star rude and raunchy comedy of mid-summer, finally hit $100 million.

“Instructions Not Included” continues to do a solid $4-5 million a week. A  real sleeper hit.

Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine” is sticking around, just out of the top ten and now over $26 million. Maybe $33-35 when it’s all-in. Not “Midnight in Paris,” but better than Allen’s usual take.

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