Weekend Movies: “Riddick,” “Adore” show that it’s still “weak cinema season”

The last weekend of August and the first week or two of September are typically very low attendance weekends for movies. Which is why studios rarely take a shot at releasing anything with heft or potential in that window.

Movie execs are all headed to Toronto, audiences are headed back to school, starting the fall, what have you.

So “Riddick” is the only wide release this weekend. Weak reviews for that one. And Box Office Mojo figures it’ll do a decent $21 million or so, thanks to Vin Diesel’s appeal and the few still filmgoing fans old enough to remember “Pitch Black” and “The Chronicles of Riddick” from a decade ago.

Actually, that might work in its favor as to most of the “Fast/Furious” 18-25s, this is a new character. Box Office Guru thinks it’ll be lucky to do $19.

“Instructions Not Included,” the surprise Lionsgate hit from last weekend, opens even wider this weekend. Publicized in Hispanic media (Lionsgate never gave me so much as a “By the way” over it — last weekend or this one), it could do another brisk weekend for an under-served audience. $10 million? It could happen.

I will check it out today as my market is one of those it opens in.

“Adore” comes out in limited release. Middling to weak reviews for that one. I liked the leads — Naomi Watts and Robin Wright — the Aussie settings and the faintly titillating tone.

“Tio Papi”, also in limited release, seems like a Spanglish version of “Instructions Not Included.” And a lame one.

“The Butler” and “We’re the Millers” should hang around in the top five another weekend. “One Direction” probably won’t. With “Rush,” “The Family” and “Insidious 2” opening Sept. 13, fall movies will push the summer ones out the door pretty quickly.


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