Weekend Box Office: “You’re Next” may best “World’s End,” but “Mortal” looks quite mortal

worldThese are the dog days of August, especially for movie goers. It’s not that the films are bad, but expectations drop, the audience shrinks with kids back in school and we are reminded, every Sunday night, that the last blockbuster of summer came out weeks ago.

But two good films come our way this weekend. Will Simon Pegg and the Gang from “Spaced” bow out with a bang with “The World’s End”? Oh, I hope so.

Might the horror picture “You’re Next,” with a lot of actors of zero fame (a couple of indie directors play roles, too) getting slaughtered in a remote mansion, blow up this weekend?

The Hollywood Reporter says no, that “The Butler” will win another weekend, with both “You’re Next” and “Mortal Instruments” lucky to make it to the mid-teens.

Box Office Guru also predicts a second weekend win for “The Butler,” which would have to have a strong run into September in order to engender any serious Oscar talk.

Box Office Mojo figures that “You’re Next” will ride good word of mouth and good reviews to a $14-15 million weekend. That seems low, as a breakout horror film typically manages at least $18.

“Mortal Instruments” had a solid but unspectacular opening Wednesday, as befits a summer movie opening after the target audience has headed back to school.

All are predicting a decent $8-10 million for “The World’s End.” Let’s face it, as funny as these guys are, there’s a reason this plays like an amusing last hurrah. They and their audience are aging and the older folks get, the less likely they are to get smashed to go see Nick and Simon et al get smashed in a cinema. .

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