Affleck vs. Cavell in the Batman/Superman movie –and the backlash begins


I say “vs.” because I am assuming, based on earlier reports, that this next Superman film will play with the caped heroes in conflict formula run through comic books of the ’80s and 90s.

The Dark Knight is really dark, the Man of Steel is dark, and something comes between them.

In that regard, casting Ben Affleck as Batman opposite Henry Cavell’s Superman makes perfect sense. It’s a short term commitment, maybe even a terminal one. Though the comics I remember had the overmatched Dark Knight outwitting and ending Super Dooper Man.

In any event, they have the same director on board — Zach Snyder — the same Superman, and Warners and Ben Affleck are so much in each other’s business these days that this makes absolute sense. This doesn’t seem like a “He’s the new ‘Batman'” moment that some fans are making it out to be. He’s a supporting player, as realized by Affleck and this project.

Affleck, as I have said several times, is WB’s replacement for Clint Eastwood, a prestige director and go-to guy in the actor-director ranks. Affleck played the late TV “Superman” George Reeve, remember, in “Hollywoodland,” the movie that started his “comeback” — at least as far as critics were concerned. Audiences re-discovered him with “The Town.”

It’s probably the one move that perks up my interest in this movie, not caring for “Man of Steel” all that much.

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