Box Office: “Wolverine” fades, “Conjuring” rolls, “Fruitvale” opens big


After a robust Thursday night and a solid Friday, “The Wolverine” looked to be on track to bust into the $60million+ range for its opening weekend, kind of on the lower end of most projections for its performance.

But Saturday was a bit of a sag and the latest comic book franchise may only hit $55 million or so.  Not shabby, but not in the conversation of “biggest of the summer.” Not “Pacific Rim” weak, but not “Iron Man 3” either.

“The Conjuring” did another whopping $24 million, holding much of its opening weekend audience. If James Wan, the “Saw” and “Insidious” vet already attached to “Insidious 2,” ever wants to break out of horror, now is the time. His stock will never be higher.

“Fruitvale Station,” a potential Oscar contender, a serious topical drama that Weinstein Co. opened in the summer hot on the heels of the George Zimmerman verdict, did a terrific $4 million and cracked the top ten. Will it stick around through August and become an Oscar nomination-worthy hit (the longer it is in theaters, the better)? Next weekend will tell.

The funny and hyped up CBS comedy “The To Do List” didn’t figure out a way to crack into a crowded summer top ten. It’s not on enough screens, and the take from Friday suggests it doesn’t have the oomph to do big business anyway. “The Way, Way Back” is having an easier time of it.

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  1. keith7198 says:

    I have to say, there is no way on earth that “Fruitvale Station” won’t at least get an Oscar nomination. The Academy loves movies they can use to make a statement. Now to be completely fair to both the movie and the Academy, I haven’t seen the film. But it seems like something they will be all over for the reason you mentioned.

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