Weekend Box Office: “Wolverine” ready to slice and dice

The Hollywood Reporter figures “The Wolverine,” the next to last tentpole picture, franchise picture of the summer, will open to $65 million, a huge but not epic turnout.

Box Office Mojo goes all in and says it’ll pull $72 million+.

Box Office Guru is saying $70 million.

The oversaturation of comic book movies may not show up here, but you have to figure $60 is easily within reach. Jackman’s like Robert Downey Jr. — a beloved actor essaying an iconic character and well-established brand. Better movie (by a thin margin) than the last one.  And 3D ticket inflation should help.

“The To Do List” is only opening on under 600 screens, but Mojo figures it’ll do a healthy $2 million. The hype for this one has been huge, so I figure it’ll do better. But we’ll see.

“Fruitvale Station” opens wide. Hyped as well, but a serious movie? In the summer? It’ll stand out from the pack, and people who have been intent on keeping Trayvon Martin’s name alive have heard about the connection between this film and that case. Over a $million, to be sure.

Last weekend’s big openers should take a steep dive, but “Conjuring” could cook up another $20 million, “Turbo” might hold more of its weak opening weekend numbers and “RIPD” should dive and all but disappear.

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  1. keith7198 says:

    I gotta say I enjoyed this Wolverine film considerably more that the utter mess that was X-Men Origins. It’s far from a masterpiece but I found it to be a better written and better structured flick.

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