Critical Mass: Decent reviews for “Wolverine,” “To Do List,” Woody’s latest

The-To-Do-ListAt some point, every danged movie this summer’s got to have a robot. Or something in a metal suit.

That’s my main rub against “The Wolverine,” which cruises along on some splendid brooding, guilt, action beats and Japanese settings (Ninjas and Yakuza, the stuff life is made of) until the metal shows up.Reviews overall aren’t ecstatic, but it’s an entertaining summer comic book action picture and Hugh Jackman makes this, the only interesting X-man (other than Magneto) worth keeping company with.

“The To Do List” could be the next raunchy breakout comedy of the summer. Aubrey Plaza kills it as a very smart but socially-sexually naive high schooler who makes a to do list of sexual experiences her randy friends think she needs to have had before heading off to college. My interview with Plaza and co-star Bill Hader is here. Good reviews for this one, including mine. 

Much of the country gets to see the moving, hot-button bio-pic/race relations drama “Fruitvale Station” this weekend. This film, about the last day in the life of a young black man who died at the hands of the Oakland, CA, police, is the Best pic of the summer, and is opening at a theater near you (Fandango will find you a location — several in Orlando, for instance).

“Blue Jasmine,” Woody Allen’s latest, is earning good reviews — mainly, I think, for Cate Blanchett’s Oscar-nominatable turn in the lead role. Old fashioned characters, situations and dialogue, but a riveting performance — as a rich socialite slowly melting down — makes this one Woody’s best film since “Midnight in Paris.” Not funny, btw. Not at all.

“Breaking the Girls” is a bisexual riff on Hitchcock’s “Strangers on a Train,” that’s basically a girl-on-girl tease — and an overly complicated one that has tame sex, tepid pacing and an overly complicated/coincidence-drive plot.

Almodovar’s latest let-down, “I’m So Excited,” opens wider (Orlando gets it) today. And shouldn’t. Nothing to get excited about.

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