Weekend Box Office: “Conjuring” conjures up $41.5 million

“The Conjuring” sets a new standard for opening weekends for horror movies. Second best opening, all-time, after one of the “Paranormal Activity” sequels.
A ghost story with pre-“Exorcism,” pre-“Amityville Horror” historical touches — the Warrens were sort of the first semi-serious “ghost busters” — it’s not as scary as James Wan’s last ghost story, “Insidious.” But it didn’t take anybody by surprise. Good reviews helped it, but we’ve had one big horror picture a month (“The Purge”) this summer, so that audience was hungry for another.

“Despicable Me 2” out-drew “Turbo,” making the racing snail comedy a rare Dreamworks flop.

“Red 2” cleared $19 million. Probably a disappointment, considering what “The Heat” managed.

And “R.I.P.D.” did a paltry $13 million — epic fail.


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