Bill Hader on “Tonight Show” — as embarrassed as Elliot Spitzer?

Bill Hader meets Elliot Spitzer, disgraced former New York governor and one of Bill’s SNL impersonations — on the set of “The Tonight Show.” It happened last week. Notice Bill try to hide how awkward this situation turns as Leno rips into New York’s next city comptroller.

That was, Hader told me, “as uncomfortable as it gets,” when somebody you’ve made fun of in a fairly mean way meets you for the first time. “I knew Spitzer was going to be on (Hader was promoting his new movie) but I had no idea Jay was going to grill him and use my sketches to do it.”
Hader on his recent decision to leave SNL — Did politics play any part in that decision? Maybe the realization that Anthony Weiner and Elliot Spitzer were both running for office in NYC?
“That had EVERYTHING to do with my decision,” Hader jokes. “PERFECT time to get out of New York.”
He and writer-director with Maggie Carey, who directed “The To Do List,” are moving their acts to California.

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