Schreiber’s “Last Days on Mars” gets a distributor

The democratization of movie making means not just that more filmmakers are able to shoot and edit their pictures thanks to cheaper, off-the-shelf tech. It’s lowered the cost for genre pictures bond the bargain basement horror and mumblecore talking heads movies that were all many of them could see themselves making on limited budgets.

Filmmakers are taking more chances with the priciest genre of all – sci-fi.

Magnet Releasing picked up “Last Days on Mars,” a sci-fi thriller set on a seemingly doomed trip to the red planet led by Liev Schreiber, with Elias Koteas and others in a crew menaced by the life that they find there. Like “Moon” and “Europa Report,” this was a film that could be financed, cast, shot and cut without a major studio backing it, without that all-important distribution deal in place.


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